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Sunrise in Fog with Focus

This morning I went out with tripod and camera to photo the morning fog and sunrise. I didn’t really get anything that was very good. Then, as I was walking up the hill to the house the sun started peaking over the trees. I set up and decided to take several shots from the exact same spot as the sun came up. Then I thought about changing the focus on the camera so some were totally blurred, etc. However, unbeknownst to me (though you’d think my fogged up eye glasses would have tipped me off!), my camera filter was also fogged up! However, this did lead to some interesting shots, especially when combined into a movie!

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Turkeys in Pasture

Every year Richard drives north to near Truman Lake to spend the day before Turkey Season opening day and then hunt with his buddy Matt on the first day or two of the season. Usually I see and photograph turkeys here on the farm at the same time as Richard's NOT killing a turkey up north! This year the photo session was the day before opening, but it happened. Here's a tom showing off for two hens in a field right near the house (though this is zoomed in quite a bit).

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