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Attempt to photo Comet Ison

Since Richard was getting up early to hunt deer, I thought this was the perfect morning to attempt to photograph my first comet. I had studied the star maps and how to locate where Comet Ison would be. I determined what settings I’d use for each shot, and I picked the spot I thought would be best. Once I got to my spot, I did have a lot of light pollution in the area, and I couldn’t see anything I felt was the comet with my naked eye. But, I took a lot of photos in various settings and hoped I might have something.

This shot is zoomed out to include both Spica and Mercury. My star maps has said the comet would be close to Spica but heading south toward Mercury.

Here I zoomed into my max of 250 mm to the spot I felt the comet might be.

It wasn’t until I zoomed in and lightened up this photo and got to really looking that I saw that this one “star” was green. Now, I don’t know this was the comet, but maybe???

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Moonrise, Reflections, and Cars

My role as “Camp Wench” allows me the flexibility to take photos while Richard does the hunting part! I had scoped this little pond out earlier and hoped the moon might reflect in it. It did! But, then I had the happy opportunity to shoot long exposure head and taillight shots too as the hunters drove around after sunset! Richard didn’t get a deer, but we had a fun time at his friend’s cabin near Truman Lake.


Two cars going opposite directions

Headlights and fast moving clouds

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Another Night of Astronomy Photos

In these night shots, I usually make a “test” photo to see how the shot is lined up before I go for the long exposure. I “paint” the trees and area with my flashlight so they show up and I can see how the picture is framed. In this case, I could see some possibilities of a cool photo, so took several and came up with this nice shot.

Then I took a 20 minute exposure shot of the setting “evening star” (thicker line).

And here’s a zoom in on the moon tonight!

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