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Words, etcetera can create . . .

. . . various types of printed materials.

Sketch your design, needs, audience, requirements, wishes, hopes, plans, et cetera. We can accept materials via mail, e-mail or person.

We will provide you with a variety of layout and design choices for the first round of approval. We have many typefaces, graphics and layout styles to incorporate into your design and a 600 dpi, black and white, laser printer for printing high resolution masters.

We also have a color printer and can either print color masters or prepare IBM compatible PageMaker 7 files for a commercial printer.

You will choose the design which best meets your needs, and we will finalize it to your approval.

You can receive "camera ready" masters to photocopy or take to a local printer. For an additional fee and all expenses, we can have your design printed locally and shipped to you, or we will prepare PageMaker files for your local printer.

We understand the importance of deadlines to your business or organization. Materials will be ready on time!

Fees for this individualized design process vary depending on the product and length of the process and will be set individually.