Back-Hoe Work!

Last week we rented a digger and did the work necessary for the house people to do their foundation work, but it was too cold to finish the job. We have to dig down to our current water line and bare it for a few days while digging the rest of the water lines. Then we have to glue up the new water line, pressurize it, and leave the trench open to check for leaks. That couldn’t be done at the night temps last week. However, it’s warmer this week, so we are back to work digging!

First, Richard cleaned out our lagoon which hadn’t been done in many, many years. The drought meant it was very low, which helped a lot. Then we carefully dug down to the current water line without breaking it! Yeh! Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky as we dug up to the current sewer line, and we tore it up. We had anticipated that possibility and had the necessary parts on hand to fix it.

Cleaning out the lagoon
Working on the sewer line break