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As a “jack of all trades, master of none,” I find myself in the difficult position of writing body for a “home” page. What do I mention? What do I highlight? Who am I?

First of all, I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother. These are perhaps my most important jobs these days as I’m partially retired yet embarking on another part-time career as an author!

I have always enjoy photography from childhood when I used the old brownie cameras my mother had from her father. I continued to take photos of travel and then of my babies. When the kids were small, I didn’t have as much time for general photography, but, when they left home I started back to it again.

Here I am in 2013 beside my photo picked for a juried art exhibit.

I worked from home while my children were small and continued as I home-schooled them. I named my business “Words, etcetera,” because words were my main focus. I worked with words on the written page (formatting forms and newsletters for various clients) and words on websites. I started building websites in 2000 and have enjoyed ever since. Though I don’t do very many “for hire” websites any more, I still enjoy trying to keep up with my own website as well as Facebook!

All these skills are handy as I begin writing and promoting books!

Around the early 1980s, a good family friend, Esma Hunt, told me my life was very interesting, and I should write a book. I’m a little late, and Esma has passed on so can’t read my book(s), but I’m finally doing it. Writing has always been another one of my pleasures. In fact, I have had several stories published in magazines and even won an honorable mention in a short story writing contest. My husband and I have also written several articles on Proper Stockmanship and Proper Livestock Marketing for ranch-related magazines.

Front Cover

My husband and I are Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions, and we travel North America teaching Proper Stockmanship and Proper Livestock Marketing to ranchers who want to handle their livestock better and make money at it. However, we also need to write the story of my mom and dad’s life (Bud and Eunice Williams). So, we decided to take the entire year of 2019 off from teaching schools to write the book.

In preparation for that, I decided to design at least one photography book to test out the independent book publishing process! That process isn’t nearly as easy as you might think, and does include making sure you have an author’s website with certain information in it to assist with promoting your book(s).

So, I started my first book, “5-7-5¬†Elaborated:¬†Haiku with Photos.” Click here to read more about it.

However, when I was just about finished with my book, we realized we, quickly, needed a book on the Proper Livestock Marketing developed by my father (and what my husband and I also teach). So, from March to July, 2019, Mom, Richard, and I worked furiously formatting Dad’s words into a 340 page, spiral bound book including excel files and worksheets! You can read more about it here.

Front and Back cover

Early in 2020, I finished editing the story of Mom and Dad’s life. It is titled, “Smile and Mean it, the Bud and Eunice Williams Story.” Here’s the information for the back of the cover:

Follow Bud and Eunice Williams from meeting at a barn dance near Ashland, Oregon in 1951 to gathering cattle in the Aleutian Islands to herding reindeer at the Arctic Circle to working elk in Texas to teaching proper stockmanship and marketing across North America.

The revolutionary stockmanship Bud and Eunice Williams taught was named one of the Top Ten Innovations (right up there with barbed wire, antibiotics, and refrigeration) in the beef industry by Beef Producer in 2011, and in the September 2013 issue of Beef, they were named one of the top fifty industry leaders.

Written by Eunice Williams, this book also adds letters and articles Bud and Eunice wrote and transcribed narratives to tell their story.

Read more about Smile and Mean it here: stockmanship.com.

Later in 2020, Mom was asked to speak at another stockmanship meeting about the way Dad used stock dogs. His methods are very different from the “robot dogs” used in stock dog trials and can be better for ranchers who often need dogs to work outside their sight in order to be most helpful. In the process of pulling together videos and text, we decided to put the information together into a book/video combination available here.

Words, etcetera has shifted to include publishing. I think the name still fits just fine!

Click on a link and look at some of my other photos or read some of my other thoughts, and enjoy.

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