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We started Moving in!

We can’t actually sleep in our new house yet because it’s too expensive to heat properly without the skirting, but we are moving over items we don’t need every day. 

I have loved these chairs of Richard's, but they have been hidden under coats and blankets in our old house. I cleaned them up, gave them a good coat of oil, and we moved them in! Love this south view and the sun heating the house up!
Jenny and Mike gave us this welcome matt for Christmas, and we've been waiting to put it in the new house! Here it is!

We have the Keys!!

We got the keys to the house yesterday afternoon! This morning I walked about with my phone taking a crude video (it didn’t focus nearly as well as I’d hoped it would!), but you will get the idea! 

They still need to set the block “skirting” and do some dirt work! 

More Work Today!

At 7:30 am a crew arrived and before they left at 10:30 they: tied down the house, set the air conditioner, and set up 3 sets of stairs! 

These braces are on the SE corner with a matching set on the NW corner. They should hold the house down even in a big storm!
The AC units get smaller and smaller!
The stairs will look better once they back-fill the ground work! But, for now, they work better for getting into the house than the ladders yesterday!
They even have some of the siding done on the side of the house!

They Started Work Today!

They called last Friday and said they would be out today. I didn’t post anything until I saw them coming! However, they did show up!

I hoped this would be the last photo of our new house looking like this. And it is!
They showed up and started working on the inside of the house!

One or Two Weeks!

Well, talked with 3 Stone Homes today, and . . . . one or two weeks! Ha-ha! No, really! Our “inside crew” (who will hook up utilities, glue the two halves together, etc. etc.) will start in a week or so depending on how long the current job they are on takes them. Then, when they start work, they will call the tie-down/skirting people who will come do that (they need electricity for their part). So, one or two weeks!! Yeh!

Welcome to 2023!

This morning was lovely with beautiful colors and some low-lying fog! I added a couple of photos of our new house just for fun! 

Big Snow and Cold!

Our new house out the kitchen window of our old house with frost/snow obscuring.

Sunrise on New House

Sunrise over our new house from our old house with birds watching on!

Thanksgiving Celebrations

We had two Thanksgiving events as usual. 

First was breakfast at Jessica's house so Emma and Delilah could be there.
Everyone who came out for turkey on the Farm!
Mom, Dolly, Richard, and I in front of our new house!

Finished Digging!

Today Richard and I worked hard to finish digging the 60 ft of sewer line and then glue ALL the water and sewer line!

Digging the last 60 ft of sewer trench
Figuring out how to dig that final bit with the machine sideways
Peaking through the sliding glass doors to see my new kitchen
Peaking through the front door at the living room and kitchen
Just at dark we finished gluing the last sewer pipe!
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