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New Steps on the House

We knew the cheap-o steps that came with the house weren’t the best in the long run, especially for Mom. So, we finally added to them so they are very safe and pretty snazzy looking at the same time.

Funny story about those HEAVY concrete blocks made especially for either 6×6 inch or 4×4 inch uprights (we used 4x4s).

Mom and I went to Lowes to get them. Luckily, they were on the bottom shelf, and I had one of those flatbed carts, so I loaded our 4 on that cart and took it to buy. After I paid, the nice lady asked if I’d like help getting them to my car. I said I sure would, because I didn’t relish lifting them up into the back of the car! So, out came Robert to help us. He wasn’t nearly as large as I am, but he was a young man, so . . . .

He grabbed up the first one, and barely got it into the back of the car! He tried scooting it, but it wouldn’t scoot on that carpeting, and so I reached in and lifted it to move it as he didn’t seem like he wanted to do that. I suggested scooting them just wouldn’t work.

He asked me, “Did you load them on the cart?”

“Yes,” I told him.

He looked quite impressed and then said, “They are a LOT heavier than they look!”

He was correct there!

House Update!

I haven’t posted updates on the house in a long time! We three are settling in great and slowly getting things unpacked and organized. It’s so great to have more room and also a climate-controlled atmosphere with consistent heating and cooling in every part of the house!

This spring has been very dry and it’s been a struggle to get grass growing in the areas that were torn up. However, the Johnson grass is slowly coming back, so at least that’s something to hold the dirt down! 

This morning I walked around the house taking pictures. You can see Richard’s built the yard fence so we can put cows in the rest of the pasture we cut out for the house! 

Getting Around the MUD!

We are waiting for our name to come to the top of the list and the ground to dry out a bit so the contractors can come back and back-fill the dirt so we can plant grass etc. Meanwhile, Richard built us a great path to get from the lane to the house!

Finishing the Block Work!

Because we were so busy moving, I didn’t do any timelapse photos of the block layer. He was fast and accurate! I almost didn’t get out to get some photos of his final blocks!

This is our access door to get under the house. Lots of room!
Almost finished!

We Moved Mom!

Kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and significant others gathered together to move most of Mom’s stuff in one U-haul truck. We were all so busy I wound up not taking many pictures.

Loading some of the last items in the truck in Springfield.
The truck is empty at the new house!
Here's the entire group enjoying Taco soup after the unloading!

Moving the Bed!

We loaded up the temperpedic. That meant we would sleep in the new house! Again, Hillbilly moving company!

Cooking my first big meal in the new kitchen, taco soup for the moving crew tomorrow!

We Start Moving in earnest!

With the block setter here, we could start moving hoping to sleep in the new house in a couple of days! We hooked our little wood hauling trailer up, put stuff in tubs, and pulled it over to the new house with the 4-wheeler!

It’s Hillbilly moving at it’s finest!

Moved more Office Stuff

We can’t really “move in” yet because there’s no skirting and it’s pretty cold. So we are moving things that aren’t that crucial right now just to say we are doing something.

The closet in the "office" will be for my clothes, and Richard can have "our closet" all to him self.
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