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Merry Christmas!

We had two great days for Christmas! First was Christmas Eve (day) with Garland’s Mom’s family where we had another great deep-friend turkey. Then Richard,

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Happy Thanksgiving (part 2)

We had our “local family” Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday evening so we could have Thanksgiving day with Garland and his Mom. It wasn’t our usual Thanksgiving,

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Last Fishing Day

Richard and I enjoyed our last day of fishing for the 2023 season when the fall colors were just getting great. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a

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Sheldon Playing Varsity Soccer!

Sheldon played Junior Varsity until the Varsity goalie was injured. This is his first Varsity start! He’s #43 in the yellow shirt.

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Lightening Storm

We watched the oncoming storm last night and I tried to catch some lightening, but couldn’t. The trees blocked most, though we did see some

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