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We started Moving in!

We can’t actually sleep in our new house yet because it’s too expensive to heat properly without the skirting, but we are moving over items

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We have the Keys!!

We got the keys to the house yesterday afternoon! This morning I walked about with my phone taking a crude video (it didn’t focus nearly

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More Work Today!

At 7:30 am a crew arrived and before they left at 10:30 they: tied down the house, set the air conditioner, and set up 3

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One or Two Weeks!

Well, talked with 3 Stone Homes today, and . . . . one or two weeks! Ha-ha! No, really! Our “inside crew” (who will hook

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Welcome to 2023!

This morning was lovely with beautiful colors and some low-lying fog! I added a couple of photos of our new house just for fun!  Edit

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Finished Digging!

Today Richard and I worked hard to finish digging the 60 ft of sewer line and then glue ALL the water and sewer line! Digging

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