Words, etcetera Publishing

In the early 1990s I needed a name for my home business. I edited and published newsletters and forms for several businesses and organizations. A good friend had just named her sheep ranch, “Sheep, etcetera,” and that gave me the idea to name my business, “Words, etcetera.” I understand the actual spelling should be et cetera, but I used creative license to combine them. Sometimes I also use the short version, “Words, etc.”

In 2000 I built this website and started building websites for other clients. “Words, etcetera” still fit as words are a huge part of both the front-end of websites (the part you see) and the back-end of websites (the part that tells the front-end what to look like!).

Now, starting in 2019, Words, etcetera has expanded into publishing. For many years I have wanted to document the lives of my parents, Bud and Eunice Williams. They impacted so many people through teaching livestock handling and marketing skills and just had an overall interesting life. Finally, my husband and I cleared our schedule for 2019, and we are writing the book!

We worked on it in January and February, then realized we needed to, quickly, put together all of Dad’s writings on Proper Livestock Marketing into a book of that name. We compiled and formatted from March 1 to June 17, and now they are for sale. This is the first book officially published by Words, etcetera.

The second book will be a book of my own photos and poems named, “5-7-5 Elaborated: Haiku with Photos.” Read more about it here.

And, the third and fourth books for 2019 will be, “Smile and Mean it, the Bud and Eunice Williams Story.” One book will be black and white with the stories and some photos, and the other will be a color photo book of the rest of Mom’s great photos. Mom, Richard, and I started on these two books in early January and are well on our way. We have a hard deadline of having printed books for sale at the 2020 Bud Summit to be held February 13-14 in Springfield, MO.



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