Words, etcetera Publishing

Starting in 2019, Words, etcetera expanded into publishing. For many years I have wanted to document the lives of my parents, Bud and Eunice Williams. They impacted so many people through teaching livestock handling and marketing skills and just had an overall interesting life. Finally, my husband and I cleared our schedule for 2019, and we started writing the book!

We worked on Mom and Dad’s book in January and February of 2019, then realized we needed to, quickly, put together all of Dad’s writings on Proper Livestock Marketing into a book of that name. We started compiling and formatting on March and had copies for sale June 17, 2019. This is the first book officially published by Words, etcetera.

The second book I published was a book of my own photos and poems named, “5-7-5 Elaborated: Haiku with Photos.” I started it in February 2019, set it aside for several months, and then finished it in the fall.

In March of 2020 we finished, “Smile and Mean it: the Bud & Eunice Williams Story.” This huge project results in a 630 page book filled with photos and stories spanning eighty years!

Then, to finish off the materials Mom wanted to make available to the public about Dad and his method of working animals, we put together “Stock Dogs: Partners and Friends” in July of 2020. This DVD/book combination describes Dad’s unique method of working with stock dogs.



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