Smile and Mean it!

Here’s the summary of the book from the back cover:

Follow Bud and Eunice Williams from meeting at a barn dance near Ashland, Oregon in 1951 to gathering cattle in the Aleutian Islands to herding reindeer at the Arctic Circle to working elk in Texas to teaching proper stockmanship and marketing across North America.

The revolutionary stockmanship Bud and Eunice Williams taught was named one of the Top Ten Innovations (right up there with barbed wire, antibiotics, and refrigeration) in the beef industry by Beef Producer in 2011, and in the September 2013 issue of Beef, they were named one of the top fifty industry leaders.

Written by Eunice Williams, this book also adds letters and articles Bud and Eunice wrote and transcribed narratives to tell their story.

Below are a couple of images of “spreads” of pages from the book:

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