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Photos from the Big Move-in Day!

Below are some photos from my phone of the big move-in day!

We got out early and pulled the mailbox and gate post/panel to clear the way to bring in our house! Luckily, we didn't need to pull the gate side!
Here they come!
Pulling the first section in!
First section blocked, and they are starting to take off the plastic protecting the middle!
Front view of the first section. Here's our living room and two bedrooms!
When they were gone for lunch I peaked into Mom's bedroom with the front door showing beyond.
The plastic is almost off the first half.
The plastic is off! The big hole is our living room
Second half blocked and in the process of being joined
A look from the end
Putting the finishing touches on the roofing and ends
The crew is gone! The house is here!!

Our New House is HERE!

Yesterday afternoon a man drove up in a big truck and started walking around the new house site. We went over to visit, and he said he was going to bring our house in tomorrow!!!! Yeh!!!

Here’s the video of the big move-in! It’s amazing how great this crew worked together and everyone knew their part. Unfortunately, as Richard and I had rented the back-hoe for the week, we couldn’t just pull up our chairs and sit watching as we drank sodas! But, we were able to glance at it now and then to see how it went. And, we have this video!

Back-Hoe Work!

Last week we rented a digger and did the work necessary for the house people to do their foundation work, but it was too cold to finish the job. We have to dig down to our current water line and bare it for a few days while digging the rest of the water lines. Then we have to glue up the new water line, pressurize it, and leave the trench open to check for leaks. That couldn’t be done at the night temps last week. However, it’s warmer this week, so we are back to work digging!

First, Richard cleaned out our lagoon which hadn’t been done in many, many years. The drought meant it was very low, which helped a lot. Then we carefully dug down to the current water line without breaking it! Yeh! Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky as we dug up to the current sewer line, and we tore it up. We had anticipated that possibility and had the necessary parts on hand to fix it.

Cleaning out the lagoon
Working on the sewer line break

Electric Company Here

Finally the electric company is back to finish their job! Last Thursday afternoon they set the 2 new poles but didn’t have time to finish the job. They said, for SURE, they would be back on Monday to finish the job. Well, they didn’t show on Monday! The foundation crew worked hard on Monday, and we didn’t think anything about where they parked their trailer and machinery at the end of the day. Then, it snowed Tuesday morning, and the foundation crew felt it was too wet to work, so they didn’t come. Richard and I went to town for errands, and evidently the electric company came to finish the work while we were gone. However, they couldn’t get to their poles because of where the foundation people parked.

About noon on Wednesday I called to see what had happened to the electric company where I heard about their sad story of the day before (not sure why they didn’t call us . . .). Anyway, we said we’d get the equipment moved, and the electric company said they would be out on Friday.

If they had just showed up on Monday, everything would have been fine. Oh well, at least they are on the job now!!

Morning Shots

This morning I went out early before anyone arrived for the updated photos of their work.

After the foundation pour!
Looking across the new house foundation toward the old house
Closer view of the foundation, and the water, sewer, and electric stubbs
Sunrise over the new house!

Pouring the Footings

Today was a BIG day with final footings prep and the foundation pour! Here’s the video:

Almost Ready to Pour!

Yesterday they did a lot more work that looked like the work from Monday, so I didn’t time-lapse photo it. However, this morning I got out there before them, and here’s where we are now! They hope to pour concrete into the footers this afternoon!!!!!

Breaking Ground!

After over five months of waiting, they finally broke ground today! Things should move quickly now depending on the rain/snow forecast for tonight! They should get gravel and footings poured this week! Yeh!!

The electric company had promised to come finish the lines today, but they never showed. Maybe tomorrow!

Electric Company Arrived!

Finally the electric crew came this afternoon and set the two new poles necessary to get power to our new house. Our current pole is too far away and through too many old trees shedding limbs all the time (thanks to the 2007 ice storm!) to connect to. It is going to be much cheaper to bring the power in from the south (just needed adding 2 poles).

And, tomorrow Mark with Three Stone homes said he’s coming out to start on the foundation work!!!

Richard’s Plumbing of the Day

We continue to wait for someone to dig our trenches for water/sewer (maybe this weekend?), so Richard worked on a smaller task he could complete on his own. We have always needed a water shut-off for this house, but we really need it now to shut all the water off once we move.

So, Richard witched the water line to find where it came out of the house, dug down to the water line, cut the line, and inserted a shut-off and drain! We will leave it open til tomorrow to make sure there’s no leaks, then will cover it over with dirt and the pipe to hold dirt off the valve so we can reach down and turn it off/on as necessary.

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