A Wonderful Day in the Ozarks!

Today’s one of those days you wish would just repeat every day of the year! At 10 am it’s 68 degrees with a light wind, and it’s probably going to get up to about 75. This morning the low was around 50. It doesn’t get much better than this! Sure doesn’t seem like November!

It doesn’t look like Richard’s quite as lucky where he and Garland are pheasant and/or quail hunting in Northern Missouri (first weekend of the Missouri season). It’s currently 47 degrees with the radar showing a storm maybe heading their way.

Delilah stayed the night last night, and this morning we gave the calves and cows more pasture. Delilah held down the 4-wheeler while I set the fences! The calves weren’t too sure just what she was.

And, while I hung the laundry to dry, Delilah enjoyed the swing.

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