2011 Blizzard, Part Two

We needed to haul ashes out of the wood stove today anyway, so Richard took the bucket of hot ashes down to the barn to put under the tractor to warm it up enough to start. It did start, so Richard did some snow plowing.

First Richard bladed in front of the truck in the garage. Then he headed down the lane to clear it (and also clear the big pile of snow the county road grader pushed in front of our lane access!).
Then he bladed us a more clear path to the wood pile (which we travel pretty often carrying heavy loads of wood). Then, after he finished the blade work, it started really snowing hard again!
The birds evidently knew more snow was coming because they were loading down the tree around our feeders! Some of the birds waiting their turn at the feeder.
The calves were wondering just what this additional snow was all about? And an artsy shot to end with.

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