The Great Wishart Fire

I was in Bolivar with Richard yesterday afternoon when we got a call that a wildfire was heading toward our house, so we headed home. Several neighbors were already at our house and ready to help. They sprayed down the yard while I put valuables in the car, and Richard hooked up the trailer and got it ready to drive away if necessary. The only reason I’m sitting in our house today rather than in a hotel room is Stacey from the Dadeville FD. He pulled in with a pickup and a big tank of water, and he and Richard were able to beat down the fire on our property enough before he ran out of water that we could keep it down from then on with our own water tanks on 4-wheelers. We kept at it all afternoon/evening with the help of neighbors and co-workers. We’d put out one area, move to another, look back, and the first was burning hot again! Finally we had most of it OUT, and Richard and I just sat by the worst of it watching to make sure it didn’t flare up again. In sort of a “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” deal, I grabbed some hot dogs, bread, and mustard and we cooked them over some hot coals from a tree that burned and enjoyed a picnic while we watched for flare-ups.

Click here for more photos of our drive around the farm assessing the fire damage.

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