More Photos of Comet Lovejoy!

This morning the sky conditions were right, and I woke early enough to get out and try and photo Comet Lovejoy again! Here’s my "moon shadow" in the lane, 3 second exposure, as I’m taking the astronomy shots.

I never can see the comet with my naked eye, so I just take lots of photos and hope one gets it! This shot at 110 mm, 4 seconds, 5:56 am, was my second shot of the morning! Yeh, it’s still there!

After taking several shots at 110 mm, I zoomed into 250 mm at 3 seconds exposure and tried to canvas the area I figured the comet should be. After I downloaded the pictures to my computer and lightening them up a bit, I carefully looked through the pictures trying to spot the comet. I was beginning to think I had failed at that zoom until, at shot #35, I saw this one!

This is a cropped image of a 250 mm shot. Not a lot of detail given the lower quality of my lens for astronomy shots, but it’s there!

Then, I just had to try some fancy shots. Here I zoomed in (or out, not sure which) during the 15 second exposure. I’m going to play some more with this technique!

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