Fishing and Fun

The fire haze caused a wonderfully beautiful sunrise where the sun was a big, red, ball! Then, later in the day we fished closer to the fire, and even on my cell phone I got some neat photos of the smoke, clouds, and sun. We stopped at Earthquake Lake and read all about the night of terror. Read more about it here.

After fishing, we stopped at Norris Hot Springs for a soak and great dinner! This was my first soak in a hot springs, and I loved it! Hope to do many more!

The day before when driving to fish, we had noticed what we originally thought was a “brush patch” in a pasture that was otherwise clear of brush. As we got closer, we saw it was this group of HUGE bucks resting. We thought we’d missed our one and only chance to get photos of them, but that was not! This evening returning from fishing and tourist stuff, we saw them again. Richard stopped so I could get some nice photos out the window. And, of course, the sunset was, again, lovely!

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