Story of my Injury

On November 4 Richard and I were cutting wood when things went bad. We aren’t totally sure what happened, except Richard cut a log and a limb that was up in the air slammed down toward me (I wasn’t paying attention). I was bent over picking up limbs, and we think I threw my hands up in front of my face when I realized something was coming my way. Then, the very end of the limb bounced off the ground and up and pushed my glove up in order to cut the back of my hand. I didn’t realize much more until I was laying on my back knowing my hand was hurt bad! At first I thought I had broken bones, but then we realized it was just cut badly. We wrapped my headscarf around it and headed to urgent care!

I grabbed another cloth to wrap around my scarf as an extra layer to keep blood from dripping on the car. At the check-in desk the lady asked, “Is the bleeding under control?” I first said, “yes,” but then in looking further at the other side, realized it was seeping out through that second cloth. I added, “I guess it’s not under as much control as I’d hoped!”

I wasn’t really in any pain, so I could banter with the staff (which they found amazing given the extent of the cut!).

They decided to stitch the cut, and it took 22 stitches! Richard does remember them talking about maybe they should send me to the hospital for more than just stitches, but they decided to stitch and see what happened.

I’m not going to put the photo of the open wound on this page, but I will link it HERE. It’s not too gross, but want you prepared before you look if you do want to!

After getting stitched up!
At the bandage change day after the wounding.
By November 14 it wasn’t looking very good. No infection, but the skin was dying and turning black.
November 17 and it’s not looking very good. Again, no infection, but the skin’s dying.
On November 19 we went to Wound Care, and the doc removed the dead skin and debrided a hematoma. Still no infection.

On Nov 22 I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon, and they were holding a surgery spot for me later in the day in case he decided he could operate. He did!

Before surgery he said he would use his judgement about whether he would do the actual skin graft or whether he would cover it with a bovine/shark piece with plastic over it to hold it all together. He sort of prepared me for that as he said he just had better results with the skin holding later if they do that step in cases like mine.

Getting ready for my surgery.

Surgery was the Monday before Thanksgiving, so Richard had to cook a scaled-down meal. The kids all came out and brought stuff to fill in, and we had a great time! I was feeling pretty good by then, though still had to keep my hand above my heart all the time!

The Thanksgiving group shot!
December 3 and my skin is growing nicely around it!
December 9

After this surgery I misunderstood the doctor and thought I should work  my fingers hard to get as much flexibility as possible as I would be set back again after the skin graft. However, it started to hurt, so I went to the doc again on December 9. He said I was doing WAY too much and I needed to cut way, way back!! Yikes! So, back to doing very little and constantly holding my hand above my heart! The good news about that time was that it showed me I could get my finger movement back!

On December 20 I had the skin graft surgery, and everything went good again. They took the graft from my belly and left just a straight line cut. I can’t even imagine how they got the skin to cover my hand.

Justin, Calie, and the boys came to visit, and they came out to the farm on Christmas Eve (day) and brought everything to cook a wonderful meal for us all.

The Christmas Eve group shot!
December 28 they removed the pressure bandage from my skin graft surgery. The nurse said it looked great!
January 13 just after they took the stitches out! The doc gave us an A+ for caring for it!

I can finally leave the bandage and ace wrap off of my hand! I was able to wash it for the first time in two months! And, I will be able to shower without a garbage bag over my hand!

Now I’m able to do a lot more things and I’m able to begin working on getting my finger and wrist movement back. I can do a lot of things (even typing) but can’t bend my fingers into a fist yet. I’m working on it!

I need to thank Richard for all the great care he gave me and everything he’s had to do while I wasn’t able! I am just now able to do dishes, and that will take some off his plate! I can do most cooking items, though I still come up against tasks that I start and then realized I just don’t have the hand strength or dexterity to manage the task. Richard’s right there to help me.

In 2020 Richard had two surgeries and I was able to take care of him and the house. I’m so glad he was here to take care of me while I wasn’t able!

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