My Fair Entries

My photos are all matted and ready to go to the fair tomorrow. Here they are:

1301-01, Special Contest, Bursting at the Seams
1301-03, Special Contest, Flames and Smoke
1302-02, Domestic and Farm animals
1302-05, Insects, bugs, spiders
1302-10, Flowers
1302-13, People, candid
1302-15, Still life
1303-05, Monochrome Insects, bugs, spiders
1304-01, Color Alterations
1304-03, Photo with text
1304-04, Photo Collage
1304-05, Photo Kaleidoscope

3 Responses

  1. These are super cool.
    Corbin take photos for a school convention each year we will have to look at your website for ideas.

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